Friday, May 1, 2009

Lady bugs!!!

I just had to share this. My granddaughter found this in the garden the other day. She doesn't have to have glasses on to spy little tiny things in the garden. I do. So, when she showed me this it took me a minute to figure it out. How long will it take you to figure it out??

Anyway, I have lots of lady bugs in my garden ...and more on the way!!!


Funky Art Queen said...

How timely for you to post this, I just purchased a very close (macro shot) of a lady bug from a Texas Photographer artist. I just hung it today. Love it.

artlover said...

I love lady bugs.
I recently made a mixed media painting with two ladybugs on a window sill.

Mariette xox

Dawn said...

That is so cute and I can see why you will have LOTS of ladybirds in your garden xxx