Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zentangle Alphabet

Zentangle® is such a wonderful practice. Tangle patterns seem to find their way into most of my art. I also use it as a warm up exercise when I get in the studio and feel a little stumped as to where to begin.

I look forward to each new Zentangle book that is published. I just received copies of 'Zentangle 8' and 'Joy of Zentangle', ...... fun and fabulous books. Both books also feature the work of some great Zentangle artists and CZT's.

One of my alphabet Zentangle tiles is in both books, 'S' for Shepard...notice the tiny eye in the top curve of the 'S'? 


Gill Edwards said...

I love the idea of Zentangles. You have got me started on a possible new hobby

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Oh I hope so Gill....most people become addicted to it...quickly!!