Friday, October 12, 2012

Still Crazy after all These Years!

     Gotta talk about another artist whose style I love, Flora Bowley. Couldn't wait for her new book,  'Brave Intuitive Painting'. It got me in the studio working on a larger surface than I normally do. Instead of my usual journal page I opted for a 24 x 24 canvas. Using my Golden fluid acrylics I added a beginning couple of squirts just like Flora does. Then began mark making with practically all the colors I have.

                                                        Still crazy after all these years!

     Flora's style is intuitive painting. She suggests adding tons of color and various marks to your art - just "let go, be bold and unfold". It is a really fun way to paint. I am really drawn to whimsical work and love these crazy houses. After lots of mark making on my canvas I drew in my house shape with black paint, added more acrylic paint to the house, and determined where I wanted the eyes and mouth.  Zentangle® inspired embellishments were drawn in with a Sharpie paint marker. The eyebrows are pieces of scrap paper I cut to shape.


Debra Howard said...

what a beautiful painting. Enjoyed stopping by.

Suzanne said...

Now that's twice within minutes that I read something about intuitive painting and it might just be the route that I'm guided to try. I absolutely love your beautiful painting.
I'm going right now to add your blog/website to my Bloglovin' reader so I can receive all of your blogs... I love what I see and what I have read. Beautiful. :)

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Thank you ladies. I would really suggest giving this painting style a try Suzanne...Flora even suggests putting on music to let that inspire your mark making. It is a lot of layers with plenty of drying time in adds so much depth to the painting and bright color.

Shelly Penko said...

Beautiful painting! I took Flora's class this summer and enjoyed it very much. If you have a chance to take it sometime, I really recommend it. ♥

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Wow, Shelly..fantastic. It's my plan for next year.