Friday, November 20, 2015

Notans and Zentangle®

I am very happy to announce 'Zentangle 12' is out and available on Amazon, I loved working with Suzanne McNeill on this book. There is so much to explore with Notans and Zentangle.

 When I discovered Notan I was drawn to the beauty and simplicity of the process. Notan is the Japanese word for dark/light, the basic material used is black paper and white paper. My mind immediately went to the similarity of Zentangle and Notan, the basics of Zentangle are also simple materials and the beauty of black lines against white paper.

Zentangle 12 has a section on Notans as well as cut, torn and punched paper. It also incorporates cool new ways to make strings with ink and stencils, plus creating Zentangle Inspired Art on Clayboard and wood.

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