Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hearts are spooky!!!

It is almost Valentines Day...and guess what I am not a heart person. Skeletons are more my thing!!! are a few anti-Valentines I came up with for a contest at

I have been using old records for years to make jewelry. Don't worry the records I use are the ones I carried from house to house....garage to garage ...ever since I was a teenager..and that's been a really long time... so they ended up unplayable ...but I just couldn't throw them away.

These two anti-Valentines are both made from heating and forming these old records to create the heart shape. And the "Crazy for you" piece those are real bones. Since I am known for collecting just about everything friends and family who just happen across dried-up bones of small animals think of me!!! This piece stands in a frame made from chicken wire which I spray painted black, and then wired the bones to.

The "True love" piece also has what looks like a bone. However, it is a perm rod painted to look like a bone. I was thrilled when I took some old perm rods to a class given by Michael DeMeng and that son-of-a-gun just picked the perm rod up and immediately turned it into one of my favorite things...a bone.....he's genius when it comes to paint effects. I made this piece into a necklace by adding beads and red craft wire and an adjustable black silk cord.


MarysMadness said...

Can I be your Valentine? These are fabulous!

Tam Hess said...

I just found your site. Really creative work!


Cindy Shepard said...

Thanks so much Mary and Tam.

jodygeee said...

I love your anti-valentines!