Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dirt Dobbers

I recently posted this fabulous find of a nest on my Rowdy Grandma blog, I have not yet created anything with it.

Pipe organ mud dauber wasp nest....these were huge!!

I was reminded of a project I did a couple of years ago for Lisa at Ten Two Studios. This was a project whose theme was gardens.

There are tons of dirt dobbers at my house, they nest absolutely everywhere!!! Some of them are so cool....and they build their little dirt nests in the most bizarre places.

These little guys built a nest in my husband's golf bag!!....boy was he tee'd off.

Being the keeper that I am, (some would say pack rat), I have saved some of these little my garden art is a board book with treasured little dirt dobbers nests in them.


Betty Lynch said...

Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Pam Archer said...

Hi Cyndi,

Another crafty DIVA! I've never seen art like this, but I really like it. I have an appreciation for nature, too, but you have gone the extra mile and made treasures from it. How neat!