Sunday, September 30, 2012

Painted Eyeglass Case

     Decided to get busy this weekend and begin work on projects for a few Christmas Bazaars I participate in every year. One of my artist friends recently brought some extra eyeglass cases to share with my local Mixed Media group...she had tons of them and wanted ideas for how to use them in art. My plan is to alter them to house wonderful little trinkets and gifts for the holidays. As I began working on one I ended up doodling eyes on the case (this happens to me a lot) I always gravitate to funky eyes of some sort.
      I painted them first with a couple of coats of gesso, added inexpensive acrylic paints and finished off with a couple of coats of gloss medium.....very simple.

      This particular case is going in my purse to hold my sunglasses. Jeepers Peepers...what fun!!


Shelly Jack said...

Hi Cindy! Great posts! I'm a fellow "Flyer" and checking out all the blogs. This is great, I've been wanting to paint a few items myself, but being somewhat new to the painting world I wasn't sure if paint would hold up on objects such as these. Do you find that the paint stays? Love your mustaches with the Zentangle and the journals! Both new ideas for me! Can't wait to learn more about them and give it a try!

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Love your blog too Shelly...thanks for the follow. You must try zentangle it's a great way to warm up for a session of art. As far as the paint holding up. Apply a coat of gesso,then acrylic paint...followed by either a gloss or matte medium from Liquitex or Golden or an acrylic finishing spray...Krylon has good ones...then yes will hold up a really long time.

Shelly Jack said...

Thanks Cyndi! Will give those a try for sure. I have another question for you. Any Zentangle product or book you would recommend to start out with? I'm thinking this could be a great thing for me to take along on the long car/road trips I take with my husband. Looks like something I could do in the passenger seat :)

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Design Originals has a series of really helpful books with new tangles...Zentangle Basics would be a good one, it is a small book but a good beginning. Sandy Steen Bartholomew has great books too, a little more advanced. There are also sources on the web. list a lot of tangles. That's what I love Zentangle ...basic materials that go anywhere.