Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moustachio Houses in Somerset Gallery

     I adore the Somerset publications...I subscribe to several and purchase individual copies of many of the others. Wish I could afford to subscribe to everyone!! So I was thrilled when they accepted some of my art for one of their publications. Two of my "Moustachio Houses" were included in the Summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery. By the way 138 "Ooh La La" and page 139 "Zany Tears" for those who have this issue. I sent the art for a "whimsical challenge" and they decided to use it in the Gallery instead. Somerset has tons of requests for art.....take a big leap and go for it. You never know when you will be accepted...and it's so much fun to see your work in a popular magazine.

                                                                      "Ooh La La"

     I will also being showing "Moustachio Houses" on Gallery Night here in Fort I am frantically working on more...more...more. Never been much of one to focus on one subject but I am having lots of fun with these little guys.

                                                                       "Zany Tears"

     These are on approx. 11"x 15" watercolor paper...collage, paint, mark paint pens for a really glossy black. I have also done a few on canvas and smaller watercolor well as canvas made from recycled, gessoed of my favorite surfaces. Since I have had rubber stamps made from some of the images I am going to do some cards as well....just need to come up with some funny sentiments. I'm not so good at that!! Even my journals are more visual than wordy.