Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zentangle® Art Show

In October 2011 I had the great pleasure of attending Certified Zentangle Training in Providence, Rhode Island. The Providence Inn was a delightful hotel and was mostly occupied by us tangle types.  Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of the Zentangle drawing style, are very inspiring and such a pleasure to spend time with.  I have been happily drawing and experimenting with Zentangle for over a year and am so grateful to now have more knowledge about this art form and finally feel successful with the ones I found difficult to draw. Yay ....I can now whip out a W2 and Huggins pattern quick and easy.

There are other CZT's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Angie Vangalis is one of them and has been spreading the Zentangle message for a while now. For the second year she has put together a Zentangle Art Show at the Irving Arts Council in Irving, Texas.  I entered some of my art in the show.  There are some very creative pieces in the Zentangle art exhibit. The opening is January 15th, 2p til 4p. The show is on now and runs through January 27th.

 A piece I entered in the show, "What a Hoot".  Microns and Inktense pencils on Bristol board, coated with gloss medium, 9"x9". I framed it in a black square 12"x12" frame with a black mat.

 Two of the pieces I saw at the show were created by someone who is not a CZT, but had taken classes from one of my fellow CZT students. Sandhya Manne became a CZT in October at CZT7, the same time I was there.  She has begun giving classes and should take great pride in the fact her teaching has already blossomed in this artist who has presented an intricate silver point on black piece and a marvelous acrylic canvas piece with Zentangle patterns. Becoming a CZT is a worthwhile endeavor and promotes our own artistic venture, it only makes it more worthwhile when as a teacher of Zentangle you see your students go on to create their own individual works, Congratulations Sandhya done good!


Coleen said...

So cute. I love the mixing of zentangles with color. It's just so attractive with the black contrast.


Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Thank you Coleen, Inktense has such vibrant color they do look good with the black and white.