Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Hand - icapped

     I have discovered how difficult life can be when you lose the use of one of your limbs...and how much you use your non-dominant hand! For about a year I have been bothered by basal joint arthritis in my thumb (I know, it's an old person thing). It's a painful thing too...cause it is bone on bone. The pain I could bear, dropping things was frustrating but the kicker was when I couldn't open my jar of gesso while alone in the studio. Okay...this is serious something had to be done. On February 7th I had surgery and have been in a cast ever since. Really puts a dent into my art time and even computer time...a lot harder to type and still can't open my jar of gesso. In fact I can't button jeans or put on a bra...but maybe that's too much information.


     Another bummer is I had visions of the old casts of white plaster being on my arm....perfect for Zentangle right? Nope, they didn't even have white, and it's not plaster it's a type of stiff cloth...not so perfect for tangling on. Many other colors to choose from.... I chose purple. I did do some decoration...but this stuff won't even take washi tape very well so had to add duck tape too. It comes off March 6th - between now and then I may cover it with gesso and turn it into a mini canvas of sorts. Not so sure my doctor would approve....but it may make a great submission to one of the Stampington publications or Cloth, Paper Scissors. What do you think??

                                                            Art supply doodle in CPS

     I do have some good news to share. One of my goals this year is to submit some of my art to publications. Yay, I was accepted recently into the March/April issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors. They had a call for an "art supply doodle" and mine was one of the ones chosen for publication. I would really encourage you to look for those calls of art as an easy way to begin submitting your own work. CPS is beginning a new publication called I Heart Paper....follow this link for submission information. It is due March 4th, give it a shot!!


Sue in the Wood said...

Sorry about the hand. Wonderful about CPS!

Cindy Shepard CZT said...

Thank you Sue...I'm out of the cast but now in a splint and doing therapy...geez. I want my hand back!